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For convenience, our societies have calculated an average of all the days of the year and defined the mean solar day as comprising 24 hours, corresponding to so-called legal time. Nonetheless, the mean solar culmination point depends on the wearer's exact location, on the longitude of a given place on the globe. The equation of time read-off replica Cartier 62032X6 Men's watch system developed by Audemars Piguet takes account of this specific place. Unlike most other equation of time mechanisms, it is not set to a given time zone - corresponding to 15 degrees longitude. The "world standard time" system divides the world into 24 time zones and takes the Greenwich meridian as the zero point.

Threetime British Kite Surfing Champion, Lewis Crathern, and Jake Scrace, jumpedwhile kite surfing the Worthing pier on the south coast of England. Check out the video. Its big. Winds gusting up to 40mph made the jump possible. replica Cartier W62025V3 Men's watch The pair had been planning the attempt for three years.Courtesy of Wend.Dave Costello. Below is a video recap of leg two of day three of the WWT Reunion 2009. The first leg was canceled due to lightning, but the turbulent weather made for some great surf for leg two.Alison Kelman

The International Cycling Union will deliver a proposal to the International Olympic Committee that looks to create a gender balanced track race replica Cartier W62041V3 Men's Watch program for the 2012 London Olympics. The new program will give equal gold medal opportunities to both men and women. The Beijing Olympics held seven track events for men and only three for women. The ICU is risking angering cyclists, as the proposal may cut traditional races in order to create a gender balanced schedule.Alison Kelman

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By Stephen RegenoldIronman champion Chris McCormack wears one. So do multiple Olympians and NFL players like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. The new category of sports accessory called performance mouthpieces is certainly catching fire among pros and amateurs alike. These mouthpieces purportedly increase replica Cartier W62021Y3 Men's watch strength and endurance, speed up reaction time, reduce stress, improve flexibility, promote betterbreathing, and quicken recoveryafter competition or training. Bite Tech, the Minneapolis company that makes the Under Armour Performance Mouthpiece, cites a recent University of Minnesota study that links jaw clenching to stress hormone releases that may inhibit performance.

Again you see the U 1001 logo on the deployment as well replica Cartier W62019X6 Men's watch indicating U Boat's desire to show you how many custom parts went into this limited edition collection of watches.Does the U Boat U 1001 remind you of an Angler fish? It doesn't have a illuminated lure like the fish does. It isn't ugly like the fish, but it goes deep like the fish. Though I think an Angler fish can go much deeper. Angler fishes look pretty bad ass and butt faced, but they are actually really small fishes, did you know that? Size can be deceiving.

The Royal Oak Equation of Time is teamed with a leather strap in brown alligator leather for the pink gold version and in black for the steel model. The equation of timeThe equation of time is the difference between true solar time and legal time. replica Cartier W62027Z1 Men's watch The solar day, meaning the lapse of time between two consecutive passages of the sun through the meridian in a given place varies throughout the year. It lasts exactly 24 hours only four times a year: on April 15th, June 13th, September 1st and December 25th. This variation is due to the earth's elliptical path around the sun as well as its tilted rotation axis.

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Caster Semenya will get to keep her gold medal in the 800meter from this years Track and Field World Championships in Berlin, says USA Today. The International Association of Athletics Federations ordered gender tests on the South African runner before the 800 final because of Semenyas muscular build and astonishing replica Cartier W62031Y4 Men's watch improvement in times. The South African Sports Ministry said today that Semenya will get to keep both her medal and prize money, and that the results of the gender tests will be kept confidential. Dave Costello

The Royal Oak Equation of Time thereby represents the perfect blend of traditional and modern watch elements. Inimitable octagonIts elegant case, available in a choice of pink gold or steel, is distinguished by an octagonal bezel punctuated by polished white gold hexagonal screws. The crown also picks up this hexagonal motif and replica Cartier W62026Y4 Ladie's watch proudly bears the AP monogram. The signature features include the distinctively shaped studs along with the alternating satin-brushed and polished finishes on the case.

The silvered dial remains faithful to the identity codes of the Royal Oak collection by picking up the "Grande Tapisserie" motif which highlights the counters and enables pleasant and easy read-off of the various indications: date, day, replica Cartier W62005V2 Men's watch leap year, moon phase, as well as sunrise and sunset times. The equation of time pointer and the counterhands are in blued steel. By way of example, the side of the bezel is polished while the upper suce is satin-brushed and matt.

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The brand ambassadors are seen on vertically-striped glass displays with the brand logo animated by a lenticular optical system. The front door - two sliding glass panels 4 metres high - allows a first view of the refined atmosphere into which the visitor will be plunged. It leads to an ebony walkway that sets off the floor of cream-coloured marble. replica Cartier 62020X6 Men's watch This pattern finds its echo in a cleft that cuts across the ceiling, on each side of which are decorative displays relating TAG Heuer's prestigious historybination of strata and design materialsTAG Heuer's aim was to set the stage for its products in an innovative way by using a linear design and a succession of strata to break up the walls.

A wood and perforated leather counter offers a place to lean whilst viewing the collections on display in showcases set into the counter and in rosewood niches at eye height. For the very first time, it is interpreted not within a classical line, replica Cartier W62041V3 Men's watch but in the Royal Oak collection. Since its creation in 1972, the legendary octagon has embodied the most daring innovations in the field of fine watch. The 423 parts serving to drive the equation of time, sunrise and sunset, perpetual calendar and astronomical moon-phase displays are now housed within the famous Royal Oak case.

You see an expose synthetic ruby from the movement that is a hallmark of many U Boat watches. The placement of the diagonally aligned date window shows you how small the movement is in the super big case. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824 2 automatic. A solid movement perfect for a dive watch, but perhaps a replica Cartier 62025V3 Men's watch bit too petite for this case (and perhaps a bit too inexpensive for a Replica watches that is over $6,000).The watch has an adjustable rubber strap that has a titanium end piece on one side which has a good style and makes the giant watch wearable. You can see the U Boat name engraving on the butterfly style deployment also in titanium.


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One ambulance costs about $480. To donate, visit BEN Namibias website.--Emily Matchar Jon Krakauer withdrew his upcoming book on Pat Tillman, according to a recent report on Publishers Weekly.Rachel deahl reported on the Publishers Weekly web site that, Krakauer is apparently unhappy with the manuscript and is holding ontoit indefinitely. David Drake at Doubleday confirmed that the decisionwas entirely the Tissot replica watches authors and that, while the imprint isdisappointed, it supports its author. Speaking to the books future,Drake said the situation is a little bit wait and see and that if thebook does get rescheduled it likely wouldnt come out until at least2009.

Went to bed at 10:00 last night and woke up at 4:30 this morning. Trying to slowly retool my sleep schedule so Im not dealing with crushing jet lag for the rides this weekend. As promised, here are a couple of shots of the custom Independent Fabrications XS that Ill be riding in France. It rides as beautifully as it looks, and Im definitely settling into a little replica iluxury watches love affair with this frame (check out the details on those lugs). If I dont do well in France, it wont be due to the equipment. Doesnt look like the weather will help, though. Rain is forecast for both days right now. Lets hope that changes.

Not in person. On a Wheaties box. Wheaties recently announced the athletes to be featured on their famed boxes. Vonn (the best female skier in the world?), Concord replica watches Shaun White, and Seth Wescott were all chosen for the honor, joining greats like Michael Jordan and the 2008 Detroit Shock. To see the boxes, check out the Wheaties site. And please form a line when the boxes are released next month.(Hat tip to Ski Magazine)-- Jonah Ogles